Spring Formal 2009

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Senior Speeches Began Tuesday

The first senior speech was delivered by Andre N. on Tuesday, 04.21.09, during morning chapel.  Andre’s speech was followed by Mary Jeanne’s on Thursday and Mark Manus on Monday.  A requirement of graduation, the senior speech is a Bachman tradition.  The theme for the speech is usually based on the annual overlying theme, which this year is “Believe in Yourself.”   Seniors, we know your speeches will continue to be GREAT!

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Matt B. Honored by Administration

Matt B. having fun at Bachman's 2009 Earth Day festivities.

Matt B. having fun at Bachman's 2009 Earth Day festivities.

04.09.09  Bachman Junior Matt B. was surprised when the announcement came in chapel that he was being recognized by the administration.  Mrs. Card said, “Matt is an exemplary Bachman student.  He always does his homework, turns it in on time, is respectful to everyone, arrives to class on time, is everybody’s friend, and represents his dorm well on the residential life committee.”  In addition, Matt competes in cross country.  Congratulations Matt, for being a great young man.

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Elementary Students Learning Pasture Management

04.14.09  Mr. Trantham’s horticulture class for elementary students included a lesson in pasture management.  The elementary students have been busy growing, observing, measuring, charting and photographing a variety of grasses for their experiment.  The students chose their future horse food to grow from clover, Bermuda grass, Alfalfa, Millet and Bahia grass seed.

The students learned to fertilize and water their grass, observe the differences and chart the growth.  After the last frost, the excited elementary students watched Mr. Trantham till a plot of land in preparation for their future horse food.  Each student chose a section and carefully planted their demonstration grass.  Labeling came next and then again the observing, measuring, photographing and charting.

The students are looking foward to the next few weeks when they will take their jewelers’ loops and magnifying glasses to field to examine the insects that are drawn to the grasses, again documenting through drawings and photography.   Mr. Trantham will share his expertise about the  benefits of the insects to the health and growing process of plants.  The lesson concludes with a student produced book on the project, which the students will be selling to raise money for a worm condo.  Check back in May to order your copy.



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Tapping, Cracking and Chicks Popping Out

04.18.09  Thanks to Nick, Mrs. Feingold, Mrs. Weller, our teachers and our Maintenance Supervisor Jim Brown, baby chicks are being taken out of the handmade incubators and placed in handmade brooder boxes by the students. Nick is passionate about chickens and would like to genetically develop his own breed of chicken one day. Mrs. Weller is a Cleveland resident and avid chicken lover (only to treasure, not to eat!).  She gathered eggs from around her yard and brought them to the students of Bachman Academy.  Mr. Brown added some turkey, duck and geese eggs from his farm.  Mr. Graham repaired the commercial incubator, while Jim Brown and his maintenance crew helped the students build additional ones.  The maintenance crew also built brooder boxes.

The excitement mounted as the countdown drew to a close.   The students and staff were caught off-guard, when the first chicken broke loose,  hatching two  days early (on Tuesday).  Students flocked to the incubators to witness one of nature’s best learning experiences.  By Friday, the campus was blessed with 46 baby chicks and natural learning that will stay with the students forever.  The turkey, duck, geese and pheasant eggs will be bursting open this week.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bob McPeak and his woodworking students are designing and building Chicken Tractors to keep the newest Bachman “students” safe from coyote’s and other predators during the night.  But during the day, the feathered friends will be roaming campus with the students.  It takes a community to raise chickens.  This is education at its best!

A few of the many baby chicks recently hatched at Bachman Academy.

A few of the many baby chicks recently hatched at Bachman Academy.

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Nick’s birds

Nick F. is Bachman’s resident farm fowl expert, and is guiding our new campus-wide farm bird project. (More to come soon about the newest hatchlings!)

In this video, over the chirping of his personal collection, Nick explains some of the finer points of various breeds.

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Robin Hood Tales

Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Gray’s 5th period Classical Reading class donned their best Robin Hood finery and presented a live-action retelling of the classic story as a treat for the elementary students. Reading a novel of the story for class inspired them to share it with the younger students. They made quite a sight tromping across campus; it really made the story come alive for everyone!


Left to Right: Michael as Friar Tuck, Blake as Will Scarlett, Aaron as Little John, Natalie as Ellen A-Dale, and Justin as Robin Hood.

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