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Horse Camp

Bachman Academy once again offered its popular Horse Camp to the local community last week. The morning-only camp was open to all children ages 9-17…Read more

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June 13, 2011 at 8:35 am

Horse Camp – Week 1

Bachman Academy’s Horse Campers endured a week of stormy weather. With thunderstorms every afternoon, the arena was a bit muddy, but not too bad. Thankfully the sun shone most mornings for the half-day camp.

This morning, they were finally able to show off all the Western riding techniques that they have learned throughout the week. With Kody Russell, instructor, calling reminders like, “heels down, toes up,” “use your legs,” and “look up,” the campers navigated the poles quite successfully.

After practicing “pole bending” all week, the timed standings were:

Gannon – 1st place at 43.6 seconds

Paige – 2nd at 44.6 seconds

Marissa – 3rd at 45.0 seconds

Katie – 4th at 51.5 seconds

Bailey – 5th at 53.6 seconds

Good job, campers and horses!

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Gannon for the win!

Gannon has the fastest time today.

June 11, 2010 at 12:37 pm

Horse Camp Session 1 Exhibition

A quick video of one of the assistants demonstrating a jump at the exhibition.

More to come…

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Smiling as they muck the stalls?

Although Bachman Academy’s Horse Campers are spending most of their time on horseback this week, they are also learning that caring for horses is much more than just learning to ride. However, even mundane tasks like currying manes and tails and mucking the stalls are sweet to these horse lovers!



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Horse Camp off to galloping start

Today was the first day of the first session of Horse Camp at Bachman Academy. The campers, ages 9-14 this week, range in riding experience from beginners to intermediate riders.

Before the beginners even had time to be nervous, Mrs. Trotter had everyone booted, helmeted, mounted and off onto the trails. Along the way she went over the dos and don’ts of horse safety and by the time they stopped for a break, everyone looked as comfortable as cowboys in their saddles.


Bachman Horse Camp_riding the trails

For the rest of the week, the campers will be practicing in the arena in the mornings and on the trails after their mid-morning break. This Friday at 9:00 a.m. in the arena, there will be an exhibition of all the skills they have learned this week.

Bachman Horse Camp_riding back to the barns

Bachman Horse Camp_riding back to the barns

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